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Pls marry me    Pls play CS:GO again :P    Sometimes, I eat cheese straight from the packet. Nothing else. Just cheese.    You are so beautyful bonboncat ;)    I want to have sexual intercourses with yu for full 10 days straight no brakes    Subbed For Legs    rice is love, rice is life.    Mihi ^^    enjoy watching your stream!! - from singapore~    Today was my 5 month sub anniversary, Bonnie sung to me, it was great!! :D    Where am i ? Let me free !    Maşallah Allah sahibine bağışlasın. Bonnie you're a good kid I hope you'll have a good life. I hope you'll be happy before dying. It was a nice speech probably it wasn't anyway I love you.    Hello bonnie love your streams    You are gorgeous Bonboncatt!! :D    I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite stream on Twitch.    giveawaaaaaaaaay!! haha just kidding u r beutiful keep streaming ! nice la.    From Russia with love    Happy chiken    asdfghjk saw u at oasis during the day of ti5 finals your so pretty :)    Bonnie is love Bonnie is life    I was just passing through, thanks for your entertainment BonChan ^^    fck DOTO2 ! LoL is life    Hey bonboncatt!! just here to give some love bonbonL    Hello! Thanks for your stream^^ morphLove    I am in Love with you Bonnie. :-)    Wi Ahre ` Wi Wi Ahre ` - HANI    Love you Bonnie (: you're the best!    Hope u and pajkatt love each other forever.. and gl for further journey Paj... GLHF.. envyyyyyyyyy    TPscrolls will go pro    I have always loved asian women. While in the Navy i was stationed in Okinawa, i feel in love with a girl, but because i was not of asian decent her parents refused to let use date, ever since i have and always will love Asian women.    Nice to meet you bonnie :)    Hi BonBon, Love your paintings    Sweet lil BonBon.. My favorite Candy. :)) Hugggggs    meow :3    LOTUS IS COOL    Hello from Lithuania    Kappa    ♥ LULO IS LOVE, LULO IS LIFE ♥    I really love spicy Shoyu Ramen (。♥‿♥。)    My name is Hambergo, and I'm here to hug you and add you to my collection of girls I drool over on Twitch.    Fang your #1 Fan    i would let you bite me anytime, my dear vampirefellow rawr :3    Liampool was here    do you have a sister ?    #RepsforJesus    Oh, I just right something here? Well have some extra hipster flair from Flairz himself ~*nyaa*~    Hello Bonboncatt, I am actually a 59 yrs old gamer (11/25/1956) I have been gaming since i was 12. I play World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Heros of the Storm, Dota 2 and several other games. In love your paintings. So, am i the oldest vi    i truly in love with ur paintings & feel relaxed in ur stream.Thanks bonnie! ^^ love ya~    What now small, filthy plebs? EleGiggle    Hope to meet you soon again    Thanks for the stream    I really love your paintings tho... They're cool and real-looking! I wish i got a paypal to donate you! But i need to wait next year :/ Add me on steam if you'd like ! CyAlpha    I WANT TO EAT BAK CHOR MEE T_T    Your so cute.    Hello from your Garurumon :D    You're always so cheerful on stream. Something I definitely needed lately. Thank you for that! Stay awesome, stay beautiful! Love, Airi.    Your so pretty it's a crime! You go girl! EleGiggle    woo 靚女    Go go go. Keep chasing your dream! :D    I Cessnex, hereby jio you to Chom Pang Nasi Lemak. You totally deserve the sub, many streamers dont interact with their subbers so congratulations as you are the first streamer i subbed to. :D    Hello bon    Hi bonbon! lets add on steam!    First person I sub to Kreygasm. 回来的时候找我好吗?    We have a subwall? PogChamp Shoutout to Sherie , Nick , Ermin , Fade and Paco-chan EleGiggle Keep on with your drawings Bonnie \Kappa/    Bonbon    Get solo MMR or riot ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ P.S, go play an MMO if u find it fun to grind :D    That wink at the end of Call me Maybe, so cuute!    I stole 2 million last year and now it's 2015 and still making it.    Dark confidence ? :D, to optimist ! gl !    I love you boonie    #WATAPLAYA    Dank confessions?    I have a fetish for asian grills    Breaking News : Much loved 6.84 dota patch was found dead at his hotel room. Police suspects gunshot wounds found at victims body might be caused from a long range rifle. Witnesses reported "Hoho" "Haha" sounds was heard right before shoot    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ.    i c a n f a p t o t h i s s t r e a m    MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO    woah wtf is this    I like when you paint :3!    So Bon Bon I like the fact that you are really down to earth and treat people with kindness and respect (even the creepos) I enjoy watching your stream when I am lost in my sad thoughts. Thanks for always managing to put a smile on my face    all them comments that nobody will ever read im gay so im safe commenting here :D (no Kappa pls)    Bonnie, can we run away together and have 2k MMR babies and own 10 cats? #RelationshipGoals    i love you    Nicw to see her her stream always laughing and if you get bored shes so PREETY!!    Hey (:    Tony stop smashing Bonbon's base pls ;_;    Lemme be a part of this wall Kappa    Youuurrr amazing! :)) Hope you become no.1 streamer! Ur an amazing artists and person! :)    I like chicken    Been here from the start, Keep it up #Lurker #FromTheStart #DibsMiddle    If I was a girl, I would also choose Pajkatt as a bf ;)    i love your streams and your so pretty also    #Day2ofSubHypeWall Bonnie is painting and im lit as fuck. All good and well.    PRIVIET BOONIE-CHAN. NICE JUGGERNAUT. MAKC PENOCT.    Hey bonnie! Thanks for getting me and 7ckngMad together :D    #Survival1 Bonnie Doto'd then painted. I wonder whats next.    Hi from Belgium! ! keep on painting , looks great!    YO SHOUT OUT TO MY BROTHER-FATHER DAFORCEJ    BiscuitBase was here :D    GRILLSTACK w/ Jess, Fwosh and Mikkis Kappa    Hi bonnnnnie love and kappa from Singapore xo Adeline.    This is me Daforcej with Jesus, we're just stopping by to say hi!    \Kappa/    da fuq is this nyx? nyx nyx?    AlphaBonnie 4 the win    hey bonbon :D    Hello bonbon, Whats this about? Anyway Kappa Keepo BibleThump I love your streams and drawings and playing noob dote