Why sub-hype.com ?

When a stream gets a lot of viewers on Twitch.tv,
it's difficult to raise your voice in the tchat.

A lot of people copy/paste their text like a hundred time until the streamer notices it..

So we created sub-hype.com to let streamers have a personal wall
where viewers can post their messages in a permanent way.

Then the streamer can take the time to read all the new messages
and if desired contact the author of the messages.

This is the purpose of SUB-HYPE.com and it's totally free !

If you want to report a bug, an error, make a suggestion or anything else,
feel free to contact us, we will do our best to respond shortly

If you can't connect to twitch, please check if your browser allows cookies

Note : Inappropriate messages can be deleted by the channel's owner.
We also check and moderate all channels every few hours.

Contact us at www.owmince.com