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Legend    I'll always be your goodboy! ;)    Cat is a 10-96 heheheh    :)))    I really love the laughs and the friendships and all the RP that we all have in inside your community.    WHAT IT DO BOO BOO!!    I really love watching your content and I enjoy your awesome personality.    Loving your GTA RP.. stream! =)    Great RP Streamer. Keep up the good work.    keep up the amazing streams    Team cat_ey3z 4 life    you are amazing    You're an amazing streamer and funny as hell love watching our streams hope this makes your day great love you cat :)    thanks for being a awesome streamer cat #kittylove    Keep up the awesome work! Hopefully play dbd soon! Love ya cat and always stay awesome!!    2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 that's 3, quick maths    thanks for the awesome stream    cat you're amazing and it's been so fun playing FT13 with you    Caaaat!!!! I love you! You're the best, never stop! You give me sweet gasms and butterflies in my stomach! Kreygasm    I bought the world's worst thesaurus yesterday. Not only is it terrible, it's terrible.    What do you call a frenchman wearing sandals? Phillipe Phillope    Hey Momma Cat! Lovin the streams, enjoy your birthday    Ello! I don't know what to put here :P    More ETS2 or else    Awesome Channel    We all love you Cat!! :)    Much love crazy cat, keep up the good work love the Captain. XX.    ╔══╗ ╚╗╔╝ ╔╝(¯`v´¯) ╚══`.¸.[Cat_Ey3z]    Im a fan since day 1 i found you and all i can say is thanks    Getting close to 2,000 followers :)    ADickVet loves me 99%, but cat_ey3z loves me 100%.    IM A BJ..... ONLY TRUE FANS WILL UNDERSTAND    you are the most beautiful , funny , cute and kind cat i ever met i know many peoples said that to you before but i just wanna say that every second with u is like a dream and i don't wanna wake up !!! just sayin ICH LIEBE BEACH MEAW CAT    I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!    You are a beautiful amazing funny woman, am glad I found your channel    Stay Frosty! ~Snowy    cute kitty :3    OMG OMG KITTY MEOW MEOW i really enjoyed the stream and watching you your so beautiful MEOWWWWWWWWW Killy was here ;)    !BOOBS perfect command!!!    Everybody in the Cat box is awesome    Great Channel Cat_Ey3z!    KITTIE KATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT    Hi Cat! You can easily beat Emily :D    Cat I remember the first tine I saw lik e it was yesterday , always glowing and giggling. Never change :)    Enjoyed the stream hun, thanks for the vodka shot    Best streamer I've ever watched    Halo, my name a Ezy    Every time i think of you i smile! you were the first truly positive experience i had on twitch, ty so much!    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~(‾▿‾)~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ    love the streams Kitty, Keep up those Giggles & Yelps    can you be my friend lol    hi there friend    Hey I'm new on your stream but so far you seem like an amazing person. I just wanted to say thanks for letting me play and hang out with you I really appreciate it also since I'm a 15 year old and this is permanently on here I'm kinda required    I want to tell you I love playing with you I know I do not have money to sub or donate or I would but your an awesome person in general and I hope that your streams get better and better as you go and you grow a lot because you have a wonderful personalit    Keep on the guys in the background!! 1ste time here and loving it!!    To the Window!!!!! To the Wall!!!! You are Awesome!!! I hope You know!!!!    go on with your streams! dead by daylight is great! :)    almost 500 followers!! awesome job !! :)    hi mom    Cat_Ey3z.... You are awesome. Love playing Slither.io with you. Keep up the good streams.    hello agin    Wall Hype!    Im Stupid    caaaaat, i looove you ! ;)    caaaaat, i looove you ! ;)    Cat... Open the curtains so we can see in and all stop hanging out on your wall!!    you're the best stearmer    Yay, wall hype cat!!! GREAT STREAMS! !!!!!!    btw i like your channel i would love mod i know you say no but you lucky    CAAAAT FOOD PLEAAASE GIVE MEEEE    iv'e been quite a fan