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BEST FUCKING FRIEND EVERY! for years now you all aint got shit on this girl    IM number one fuck azn    official    Christina is beautiful and a better gamer than all you cucks.    Love U Christtina    you are beatiful    Hype!Hype!Hype!Nice!!Nice!!Nice!!    You’re amazing!     Popeye's boat is still the best VC....    i wish you the very best    Yoda and Miss Piggy are voiced by the same person    Much Love, Much Peace!    Your a Beauty! One in a Million Girl! \o/    MTVFloribamaShore?    Word.    Thank you for all that you do :)    thank you so much for being my friend    Final Boss    Great work!    Stemster was here.    hello how are you?    the best!    Still an amazing girl ;D - Satan!!!    love talking to her, she is amazing!    WOT WOT!! xoxo    Like being part of the community    IM YOUR NUMBA 1 FAN I HAVE A SIGNED MOUSE PAD    You are awesome!    You're Lovely :)    roll thafe all time    Yo what’s up girl how are you doing    bloop!    dope    Christina is one of the nicest and most friendly person I've ever met, I love talking to her!    Awesomeness!    thanks for the contest    Thank you for the giveaway! You are the best.    nice!    MakeSDCGreatAGAIN!    That "Popeye's Boat" is the best room on the server...    YoHo wanting to see the PoePoe    "Killing Floorsss 2" Christina :"D    Great! I need to win this giveaway, if I do your the best.    Your an OG    You are awesome!!    Nice    Hye Christina. like you :)    Holy This wall is so colorful    Just continue on what you started swettie    Youre an amazing girl -Satan    Wow beautiful love    BEAUTIFUL HOTTIE    NICE    Nice    hiiii    (>^_^)>    >"    Keep it up    Christina is my mum. SHe takes really good care of me.    "IAM A SNAKE " Christtina PUBG    meow :3    Chris is the best!!!    Henlooo    Thank you for nice giveaway Chris...You make everyone happy..♥♥    ur a snake - Burger    great website (:    Hello!    You da best.    buying gf    Sonic was here!    hawt    Just keep doing what you love! Cheeros!!    Hye Christi! You are doing good work. keep it up.    Keep on keepin on!    Love your stuff, keep up the good fight! >_>    Hi :D    whaddup christina    She's a beauty    best #meow    STAY T H I C C COWGIRL! (tyrone out!)    tacos are delicious    tee hee ♡    mew mew lots of love! thank you for watching my first stream ♡ jen jen    #meow    8====D    What up Chris glad to be a part of your Twitch fan base and hang with you on discord supper chill love your rig..Play on playa    Hey Christina I WANT YOUR SETUP and a SELFIE of you ^_^    Islam is the truth for a reason, just look up the meaning of life on youtube, Muslim Spoken Word.    penis    #meow your resident discord kitty cat    we need alot more on this wall    Christtinaaaaaaa hellooo keep up the good work    homie is the best !    I dunno what I am doing.    HOW YOU DOIN'    BAWWWMMMMMMM BBBBAAAWWWWWMMMM???!?!?!?!?! the only time i was bottom frag and didnt have to have the bomb ever round.    your the best like no one ever was    i love you so much ♡ jen jen    Needs more and more comments pls    Loves and loves and loves and loves and loves and loves and loves and loves :D    ima eat waffle    In a galaxy far far away, on a planet called Earth there was a lady that goes by the name of Christina! You keep that chin up blue eyes and you also keep on doing what you're doing woman! Show this woman your love and support! *Vader voice* The Force     Thank you for inviting me into your little community! It's been awesome! *Panda love* :D    Note: Everyone who calls her a bully actually loves her :)    You are a very beautiful person and a great person! =)    I love you and your lil community you have built keep up the great work    "there is a counter that counts " -meatheras 2016 (written in an upper div class's final paper!!)    Totally not Convincing though lol :p --->    Totally not Convincing though lol :p --->    Hey whats up guys cat piss here and i dont actually think shes a bully :D honestly an awesome and fun person to be around :p    Likes to Ching Chong All the way Home-->    BOMB BOM BOM BOM BOM BOM BAAAAM!    Fuck you ->    Secretly 16 -->    She mah beautiful bully    MSG FREE UNLESS U WANA BE A SAFECIRCLEANDREW    Yeah shes pretty much a bully. Hes not wrong----->    I played h1 with her once and i picked up a bow right and since i picked up a bow she decided to bully me and call me cat piss. the worst thing about this is SHE STILL continues to call me cat piss.... so yeah shes pretty much a bully.    Hi Christina how are you doing    I want this girl so damn bad!    sad pika still sad    Keep up what you are doing, Christtina, you awesome lady.    Hi christtina we love you    Homie im on the wall now lol    Keep up the awesomeness!    am totally not a bunny eating a carrot :) lol    Ah Youre Luck I like you Lady, Hi Hi in your wall Miss---Personal Chef    Can i have an autograph lol :) Never know could be alot some day. Love ya sis.    >tfw no qt 3.14 gf    Hello all and thank you for all your love and support!    I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN (NOT AZN, [JK DON'T KILL ME])