20 pockets in my pocket.

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Wops I dropped the _____ again for the ___time Kappa    Best streamer on twitch    The best stream    Love you    every time i think of you i smile! you were the first truly positive experience i had on twitch, ty so much!    You deserve everything you build up on twitch :D Go on like this, much love and you are the best, Sandra    Love you    Your accent is amazing.    Your stream is awesome and will forever be top wall. ^_^    Ta da! :D    No worries. I'll get you back up there.    Looks like a mini blue shell hit you.    I'll be back in an hour to make sure the blue shells haven't caught up yet. ^_^    i haven't seen any about of late    you should be alright though    if you're in first place    they might come to set you back a few paces    be careful of blue shells    coco ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)    im gay for cockiez Kappa    I love you, Sandra.    cooockiez Kappa    Best streamer evur!    Hi I like coockiez    "They call me DRAFT, doesn't remember a f*ing thing"    First... oh wait 49th Kappa    Sandra Is The Most Beautiful Girl Ever Born Kreygasm She is A Queen Kreygasm    I love you Miss    Where are my scissors?    The day Sandra posted adorable picture on twitter Gufux forever lost his jaw BibleThump    Less than three    Soo... How was taste of coookiezCookie?? :*    I just want to say hello humans, keep it up    #TeamThirst Baby.    Haven't watched much at this point but really digging the stream! Such an amazing artist and a thrill to watch!    I like you not love you coz that would be weird :3    tbSpicy HOLY PEPPERONA tbSpicy ;)    Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa    i've got 20 coco's in my pocket, love the stream    20 pockets!? I only have the one! Meow Meow! @mazing Person, @mazing Stream!    Sandra is Love, Sandra is Life    Less than three i    Never apply a band-aid to a wound that needs stitches    helloooo    Ayyy Lmao    If I was him, I would worry less about the GODS. More about the fury from a patient man.    Keppo spam 123 420 I    Love the stream (and cookies) 666 :D    You are awesome! :D    Sandra is love, Sandra is life *Kappa*    If words could explain the    Heheeyyy!! How are you? Congratulation on finishing that 168 numba! We need coookiezJar ASAP :P    Track Me Kappa    BACON SODA from heimenburg.    ... 20 pockets in my pockets    Magus S2 MissCoookiez - 2015    Is it even humanly possible to even be something close to your level of cute- and adorableness? You are truly an amazing person that makes other peoples lives mather, never forget that. Keep up the amazing work Sandra    Banana cake    I'm gunna pop some tags, only got...    this is now officially Khaevis Wall, bow to your new Kingsize Cookiez jar! D:    meow meow purr purr    I love you MissCoookiez Gag Here ♥    Hello dearest Sandra ;)    meow meow    hype    puddin smells    Hello Sandra, nice wall. :) See uuuuuuuuuuu    thanks sandra for showing me Ori and The Blind Forest, after watching it, i got it and now im playing it, feels like old school nintendo games and i love it    CoookiezLove    I am not a Robot    Msg wall hype!!!    test oO have a good day! =^•.•^=    Hello    Hálló    First one here, Cookieloove