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your are the f..... best !!!    I love the steams!!!    Just started as a really fun/funny streamer but has grown to become a very good friend of mine! Love ya man keep up the great work!    SAM IS BETTER THAN NINJA!!    ALL HAIL ZOZO!!!!!! -Damian    I stab people in chat for my lord and savior zozo. -Damian    Thanks for the view!    i Love you! Forever! (no homo)    I am the ninja mod and will be here to stop you from misbehaving    well played    There's nobody else in the world who is like this man. He is phenomenal.    Whats up bro keep up the amazing work your a bad ass streamer    Best cosplay girl 2018!!!!!    your a good person    Nork is best streamer so funny and kind! Hail lordzozo    Nork gives me hope in humanity. There is still good people left in the world - texicano    #CLEANSHOES never forget 11/5/18 ~CROW 1009 SUB4LYF~ x    #CLEANSHOES #HAVOCWAZERE #73SMORC    Forever the king of clean shoes, Love Picaro x    woiiiiiiiii #cleanshoes    youre a good streamer    ┏(-_-)┛┗(-_- )┓┗(-_-)┛┏(-_-)┓    Sam #1 Roblox player.    Nork is the best! he is sooooo sweet and is good at games! I love him! love, stream wife Netrashado