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Love the stream and keep it up!!!    you are cute    YEET    Scardy Cat    This dude is probably one of the best streamers out there. He’s funny, obnoxious (in a good way), and most of all, entertaining. He is all about the community and helping people with their streams while making sure that his stream is always filled with am    Amazing guy, so fun to play with :D    Mans literally a god (not actually a god but a mortal god)    Your so awesome Love you    you're doing fairly well i hope the best for you good luck in the rest of your streams    One of the greatest streamers. I hope i can be like him one day . Legend of all time here.    Yo guys, Echzy here, you're literally the man, dude, his stream is straight fire and I've never gotten bored, keep it up man!    Honestly a god and most funny guy I've ever met    Sub HYPE !!!! YOOOOOO Saltnvingar7 is the Man!!! I Play cod With this guy and its always a good salty time!!! Every time im in this guys stream hes energetic. Show This Salty Guy Some SUPPORT, Follow and HIT that SUB BUTTON!!!!!!!... Salty has the sickest    amazing streamer love the streams keep it up    I love me    Everythingi have a bad day you make me happier and laugh with my girlfriend    SaltnVinegar7 is the most amazing guy, legend! follow him if you havent already hes so amazing !    Great stream bro and thank you for everything you have done to help me with my channel.    SaltnVinegar7 where do I start. one of my favourite streamers. what does he not bring to his stream. he brings everything. if your ever down his stream will cheer you up or even if ur having a great day his stream will still make it so much better. hes a     legit the most helpful and engaging streamer out there plus his skills are straight fire    SoyRyder: My english isn't the best. But i perfectly understand it, you helped me a lot with the emotes stuff. I really enjoy watching your streams and watching your videos. Keep it up. Spread love    JATTTTMAN and SaltnVinegar7 BFF's forever just saying!. Great Guy Good Stream    Liking the stream, keep up the great job love the support in other channels and your ideas keep doing the great job!    Love the stream brother, keep up the great work!    YOOO!!!!! Keep it up brother.    KILLZONE1074 here, Salty you are the best streamer I’ve seen in a long time you are definitely not like all the other streamers out there. You too me are the best in my eyes and will always be number one #1 and you always keep it real. Keep up the good wo    Hey man tech enthusiast here! hahaha nice to meet you men    BE MY DAD YOURE AMAZING ????    SnV is highly entertaining! Always excited to see when he is streaming!    You are like the energizer bunny! You dont stop!    All kinds of mega love my dude! dat special kinda love.    SaltnVinegar7 is my GOTO streamer to watch when I'm at work or not streaming myself! This guys energy is insane! Ill be watching everyday :) Keep it up and stay Salty bro!    Love the stream brother need more streamers like you around I Appreciated everything you do if u need any here’s my link too TheRogueEnergy https://therogueenergy.com/KILLZONE1074 use code KILL10 I’m sponsored by them so help me out    Had a ton of fun with ya SaltnVinegar7, thanks for being a great teammate and fun guy to play with!    Awesome great streamer. Very good one.    pls sub and follow to him he with make you feel at home and it great    best drunkin streamer ive ever played with his really funn    ur a fu**ing legend    SaltnVinegar7 is the Man great guy great stream always fun and energetic!!!!! Be sure to f4f l4l (open a tab with our stream)!!! be sure to follow us and lurk us as we will all do the same!!!! my boys DK_Hastey , SaltnVinegar7, and my self on twitch Jesse