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Hey cashier done being salty yet? Still using your Aunt's dildo? Still blaming me for your retarded downfall?    FGC man. FG. fucking. Semen.    With all the salt that you produced on a regular basis, you could supply a pretzel factory for years to come.    Still can't beat me in Naruto though.    crush a can for zepe    IT'S ZONING IT'S ZONING IT'S ZONING    Get well soon and unban me    Hey come to America and talk that shit IRL.    It would be fine if you were to never come back.    think about this positively, this is huge advertisement for your stream ! never give up    I've never mined this much salt in my life.    "abortion is an option select" ~ Spherax 2015    wait, what have you done for the FGC?    Kappa.    [PJSalt]) .............................................. sorry, I accidentally split my salt.    Lol come back, we love watching you make a complete ass of yourself. Hope you're thoroughly enjoying the shitstorm you apparently wanted to create.    Hi! Have you killed yourself yet? Just asking