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she heard tha 15s knock when I hit tha block, then I hopped out buttered and she had to jock, I’m a hoe magnet, heat I’m gon pack it, dough I’m gon stack it, lick I’m gon jack it    ❄???? im a dying pterodactyl    Your awesome and funny    "ok this is where i block whoever mentioned Logan Paul" - RapWeasel22    YOUR AWESOME    Remember when you got into country music lol?    I LOVE PICKLES>> BEST LOUD SCREAM STREAMER I EVER MET!!!    SURRENDER! SURRENDER! SURRENDER! SURRENDER! SURRENDER! SURRENDER! SURRENDER! SURRENDER! SURRENDER! SURRENDER!    Hey are you and Angel? Cause im allergic to feathers! ;D    DOM LOVES U    Love your fallout 4 streams-Gaara    Love your channel Drea!! :D    When with the Aunts don't poop ur pants.    You are very funny    zombiii + caffeine = best stream everrr! love ♥    Love you Drea    may I haz chizburgerz? ü    Farts was here! ♥    Brains.....Nom Nom Nom Nom!    #YouHaveCatToBeKittenMeRightMeow ♥    Princess Consuela Bananahammock was here! ♥    bwainzzz ♥    Its Bryant not Bryan    https://clips.twitch.tv/BelovedPatientCheesePlanking    Uvula Nation    You are the Greatest girl keerp it up you deserve all the hype yo    Palentek wasn't here - NOT signed by Palentek    My mouth tastes like purple!    Hi i like your stream and memes    You are so awesome!!!    AM SAD CUZ DREA HAZ NO FACECAM LOL    drea forgot what she was gunna tell me... am sads nao    whoooooooooooooooooop whoooooooooooooop oxoxo    PEANUT EM NEMMS ARE FAV TOO -RED    DREA I NEED HELP.. IM ADDICTED TO GAMBLING. -Red    LET'S GO DREA XD XD XD    Drea you are the best twitch streamer I love all your streams. When I am sick or feel sad I always wait when your streams start because they make me feel better. Thank you for being yourself . You will always be my favorite twitch streamer . Even though s    Drea is a cutie 100/10, keep doing what you're doing gurl    Apple juice is pretty cool.    Mia Khalifa?! :O    FOR FREEDOM AND LIBERATION!    SHOOT THE GOO!    NO GUNS!!!! JUST PLOT    Red successfully scared drea. RED-2016    DAVE IS LOVE, DAVE IS LIFE    "Why don't you love us?"    DREA SAYS NO TO TRANSPARENT CHAT    BA-BA-BA-BACON!    dem leeeeeeegs    I was in the stream today and I laughed a lot and had a lot of fun! I know your channel will grow to be a big one! ^_\\    Just visited your stream today and I am a fan :) Hope you get a sub button soon -C88Bison    YALL NEED TO CHILL OUT WITH THEM PARADOXES BOI -Red    RED CREATES ANOTHER PARADOX BY PUTTING A MESSAGE HERE    Where is the free pizza , uhh whatever tacos are better like who doesn't like tacos am I right    RED PILOTS THE U.S.S. DONG TO BLU's DONG STAR    Umbasa    "DREA IS 11 OUTA 10 CUTIE 24/7" -red    WASUH DUDE    Hi Neighbor! I hack tacos for a living, also Drea you are an awesome streamer because you make my day after a really long day of work, kepp it up!!!!! - T3nFour    when red buys drea games but doesnt get a date.. load a bs    DREA LEARNED TO HATE REDS MUSIC! HOW CAN U HATE BAES MUSIC?!    DREA IS LOVE. DREA IS LIFE.    me and drea r engaged March 15th 2016!!    Drea you are awesome, I hope to see you climb the ladder of awesomeness to high levels! *kisses*- Vibrantbeauty    RED IS THE REAL BAE SO IMA LEAVE THIS HERE ON THIS WALL    Oh Drea, you youthful jar of stolen treasure. Talking to you always makes my day better 1000% percent. I don't have to tell you I'm sad, or anything. Your always yourself and that's enough to makes me feel better. I'm happy you are who you    Never stop streaming Drea, you are a lovely wonderful person, you definitely deserve WAY more then you have, and keep up the amazing work, cant wait to see you on the front page of twitch with that sub button soon ;) :p    "I might be coming home from late." -ZombieDrea    Drea, you're kick ass, and you have a great channel. Looking forward to it growing to be an even better channel! - Hokmeister    Hmmmmm    Milk, milk, lemonade, around the corner fudge is made    Hello there I love the stream and the games you play I would love to see your stream grow    There are Many Words That can Describe Drea But the one Phrase that Describes it all is "potato Aim" -Dencrash    whoa i can leave a message about the almighty and beautiful ZDREA?    I like turtles    "It means a lot that you guys all come. It makes me feel good." -ZombieDrea    I love all the zombaes! XOXO -Drea